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Downtown Building Restoration Program
The goal of the introductory program, which will run from July 1st 2018,  through June 30, 2019,  is to offer no-interest loans (drawn from participating local banks and credit unions) to building owners and authorized business representatives for building improvements that seek to improve façade appearance.

Loans will be executed through participating Lebanon banks and credit unions with interest being paid by the City using transient room tax revenues drawn from the City’s Visitor Improvement Program (VIP) Account. Initial funding will be set at $50,000. The City’s involvement in the actual loan process will be limited to payment of interest with all other loan matters left to the financial institution and the program applicant.

It is anticipated that initial funding could allow up to a dozen or more building improvement projects. The program will be based on a first come, first served basis until initial funding is exhausted. It is the intent that the program will receive additional funding for additional phases through future fiscal year budgets.
Diamonds In The Rough
"Diamonds in the Rough" grants are to restore or reconstruct the facades of buildings that have been heavily altered over the years. The purpose is to returnthem to their historic appearance and potentially qualify them for historic register 
designation (local or national). These grants are part of the  SHPO's Preserving Oregon Grant Program. 

Grants must be submitted through the Oregon Parks and Recreation Department Grants Online program.   FINANCIAL INFORMATION: Grant funds may be awarded for amounts up to $20,000.  MATCH: Grants must be matched 1:1 by the grantee. Match can be in the form of cash, in‐kind 
donations, and volunteer time. 

PRESERVATION REQUIREMENTS: The application must convey that all work will be completed using the Secretary of the 
Interior's Standards for Rehabilitation of Historic Properties. 

GRANT REPORTING AND PAYMENT: Awarded projects will be the subjects of binding agreements between the State and the applicants. Typically, grant funds are dispersed on a reimbursable basis. Details of payment arrangements and grant 
reporting will be provided at the time of award. 

GRANT TIMELINE:  The application period for 2018 is closed